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Warframe reveals two expansions and surface-to-space feature

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  • Warframe reveals two expansions and surface-to-space feature

    Warframe adds its first surface vehicle with Fortuna's hoverboard. — AFP Relaxnews

    Laying out its ambitious plans for the rest of the year at annual fan convention TennoCon, glossy sci-fi action game Warframe continues to strengthen its case as a free alternative to Destiny 2 with dashes of co-operative pirate jaunt Sea Of Thieves.

    To cheers from the TennoCon crowd in London, Ontario, staff from local game studio Digital Extremes took its in-person audience and online viewership on a surprise 11-minute journey through the short-term future of Warframe.

    Taking off from the surface of a heavily industrialised Venus, they sped up through the clouds, and into a space combat situation.

    The first update, Fortuna, expands on the go-anywhere, do-anything open world concept introduced to Warframe via the November 2017 addition of a new region, Plains of Eidolon.

    The Fortuna update, set on Venus and unveiled as a new area five times larger than Eidolon, brings with it rideable hoverboards, a society of freedom-seeking cyborgs to side with, and a dual role for players as warriors and conservationists, rescuing rare Venusivian animals from extinction.

    A subsequent update, Railjack, will then allow one to four players to launch into space together, taking responsibility for ship navigation, repairs and weaponry between themselves, and allowing them to raid enemy-controlled ships in pursuit of mission objectives.

    Unveiled through an 11-minute surface-to-space take-off and combat sequence, the update recalls similar feats by games like Space Engineers and No Man's Sky but with an emphasis on explosive action rather than self-directed exploration.

    Warframe began in 2013 with its studio on the verge of bankruptcy as a last chance, fan-funded playable concept, and has since achieved considerable success across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

    Free to play and with over 38 million players, the game's budget is derived from optional purchases that provide cosmetic makeovers or speed up the acquisition of equipment and weaponry for players' nimble, armour-clad space ninjas.

    Digital Extremes also announced a Nintendo Switch edition of Warframe, courtesy of Texas-based Doom, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus and Rocket League conversion studio Panic Button.

    As with Fortuna and Railjack, no date was given for the Switch version, though the portable edition is to arrive "soon", and Digital Extremes expected Fortuna and then Railjack to land before the end of 2018.